AdvGodOfMiniWars 83.3

Source:Mark Ainsworth

Free Hex&Chit wargame with units of different strength and firing ranges.
AdvGodOfMiniWars uses HexTiles and Chits. You cannot create a full Map(each hex has to be a default color or a hextile, and there are only about 100 hextiles) you can also overlay a third layer from the terrain chits(also these terrain chits are used to lay control points, such as obsticles, victory flags, and defensive target hexes for the AI) the hextiles, chits, terrain chits and trench art, are all induividual to each module, so a 100 hextiles for each module dosnt have to be the same.
You can choose between five types of Unit(skirmishers, Inf, Cav, Art, Unusual or Hunters), each type has different ranged fire distances, There are on/off switches to deactivate ranged fire for each different type of unit(the computer & the players chosen type of units ranged fire are switched on/off together).

Last Updated:2011-06-06 17:04:46
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OS:WinXP , Vista, Windows 7, (intel) Mac OSX, LINUX

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